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Tara Candela | Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner | Oregon | Presence of Mind LLC

Tara Candela (She/Her)

I have been a registered nurse since 2004, and also spent a few years working as an attorney while always maintaining some role in nursing. After my own mental health struggles, I found that law wasn’t the best path for me. I returned to nursing with a goal of working in psychiatric nursing so I’d have the opportunity to influence positive change in mental health care because I didn’t have the best experience. Prior to psychiatric nursing, my experience included maternal child, trauma, general medical-surgical nursing, and clinical nursing education. I have been working in psychiatric and mental health nursing since returning to the nursing profession full time in 2017.

Treatment Philosophy

I believe each person has unique needs, and I aim to collaboratively develop goals and treatment plans designed to meet those needs. I very much encourage curiosity and active participation in the development of the treatment plan. I likely work best with those who appreciate a high level of autonomy with treatment decisions because ultimately that is what I would like to achieve for those I work with. I have learned that this approach may not be a good fit for all because some may need more direction and less autonomy to feel safe.

Currently, I am doing medication collaboration and brief supportive therapy. I hope to offer more therapeutic modalities in the future after obtaining additional education and training. Currently, I am enrolled in a long term DBT training course and am part of a consult group, and I am seeking additional training in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

You can expect to receive education on multiple treatment options while ultimately making your own decisions. However, safety is of greatest importance.I offer a brief call before scheduling an appointment so that we can discuss the possibility of establishing care. It’s a good time to learn whether we may be successful working together.

  • Post Master’s Certification as Family Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, University of South Alabama College of Nursing (2020).

  • Masters of Science in Nursing (Healthcare Policy), Chamberlain College of Nursing (2014).  

  • Juris Doctorate, Stetson University College of Law (Certification of Concentration in Advocacy)(2010). 

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of South Florida, (2006).

  • St. Petersburg College, Associate of Science in Nursing, Associate of Arts (2004). 



  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Licensure in Oregon and Washington

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